Ronin Drops a Bombshell with $RON Token Launch

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Following months of speculation and eons diligent farming, the long wait is over, $RON is live! Eager sidechain enthusiasts can now take a closer look at the Ronin Network’s brand new utility token, while $RON farmers can claim their hard-earned rewards.

Ronin, the mighty blockchain powering the Axie Infinity machine has finally launched its native governance token, paving the way for a host of amazing new experiences, and expansion into the wider gaming market.

From the off, Ronin has updated the Katana DEX, adding $RON to its list of exchangeable tokens, while liquidity and farming pools now accept $WETH – $RON pairs, allowing coin collectors to acquire even more of that delicious $RON.

Going forward, $RON will power transactions on the network, operating as the token for paying gas fees. However, those holding assets within the Axie Infinity ecosystem will receive a daily allowance of free transactions relative to the number of tokens they own. That said, if for whatever reason a faster transaction is required, users can override the fee and pay with $RON.

Heading further into the future, Ronin aims to roll out its battle-tested NFT scaling solution to a wider range of gamified dApps, while an additional builder’s grant is in the works to help fund such endeavours.

So, while the Axie audience no longer asks “Wen $RON?”. The new question on everyone’s lips is “When will $RON moon?”.

Peruse the $RON litepaper >> Here

Head on over to the Katana Dex >> Here


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