Romanian Post Celebrates 160th Anniversary with NFT Launch

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The Romanian Post, the state-owned postal service for the country of Romania, has announced that it will be marking its 160th anniversary with an NFT collection. These NFTs will be in the form of digital stamps and will mark the first time that a state agency in the country will launch an NFT project. 

Romanian NFTs

The project will feature 160 NFTs in total, of which 10 will be auctioned at the Romanian National History Museum with a starting price of 160 euros each. The funds raised from this auction will be used to benefit the Casa Speranței Hospice Foundation and the patients it serves. 

It has been explained that while this collection is being released for the sentimental value of celebrating the Post’s anniversary, it also represents an investment opportunity for citizens. 

We are talking about a limited series of 160 NFTs, symbolizing the age of the Romanian Post, virtual graphic creations with a market value that is supposed to increase,” the official statement said. 

This incoming collection will likely boost the visibility of NFTs in the country, as well as endear them more to consumers seeing as they have the backing of the government. It is also a great example of NFTs being used for a good cause, both to celebrate the Post’s anniversary and to raise funds for a hospice. 

This is not Romania’s first foray into the NFT industry, as Romania’s National Institute for Research and Development in Informatics (ICI) announced a new national program earlier this year which leverages blockchain technology and NFTs to access, transfer, and store the official documentation of its citizens.


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