Roblox Blindsides the Competition to Announce NFT Integration

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In the midst of crypto pandemonium, a new tech juggernaut has stepped forward to champion the NFT cause. As such, highly influential traditional Metaverse, Roblox, has announced a pirouette into the realm of Web3.

Following a disappointing set of Q3 financials, Roblox has taken the decision to explore new avenues. One of which, will see an unexpected but welcome divergence into the non-fungible token market, with those on the inside stating the platform is “taking measured steps forward to introduce Web3 features into their product.”

According to sources, Roblox will look to introduce a series of limited-edition items that ‘resemble’ NFTs. Therefore, taking care to downplay any terminology that will draw the ire of social media outrage crowd, while also hinting at a series of branded content through exclusive high-profile partnerships. The result is a key development that shows a stark contrast in mindset between it and key competitor Minecraft.

The announcement comes off the back of Reddit’s hugely successful move into the world of Web3. So, with 230 million regular players and 58 million daily users, in anyone can emulate their incredible success, it’s Roblox!

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