Richard Garriott’s New NFT-based MMO Gets a Name

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After winning the hearts of fans with Ultima Online, Richard Garriott has announced that he is once again partnering with Todd Porter. This time, the duo will be releasing Iron & Magic, a Web 3.0 MMORPG.

There had already been some buzz among gaming fans about what another Garriott and Porter collaboration would entail and now, we have a name and a few scant details.

All About Iron & Magic

So far, we know what the game will be called and its format. It has also been explained that within the game, players can “Buy land in the realm of Lord British.”

The theme of digital asset ownership and NFTs seems to be a prominent one for this project as Todd Porter explained in an interview with According to him, being able to own items within a game is a way to keep players invested and fosters more community engagement. 

It might be interesting if we could imagine what it would have been like if you could have owned land in Ultima and buildings in Ultima, and really own them and really have a vested interest in the game,” he said, making reference to the now-iconic game he developed with Garriott.

As more details are released about the game, we should have information about what NFTs will be offered and how.


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