Rewards Galore in the Thetan Arena Marketplace Quest

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Highly addictive multiplayer battling romp, Thetan Arena, has embarked on a new initiative to reward engagement on its platform. It is now offering NFT prizes for those taking up the challenge in the Thetan Arena Marketplace Quest.

Through this new enterprise, gamers can earn points by participating in a series of simple tasks. In essence, activities that include a daily check in, listing items, and trading on the marketplace. In turn, they can exchange for a ‘Quest Box’ that stands a high chance of containing an NFT Hero. A vital component for those looking to do battle within the Thetan Arena.

Are some of the quests a bit tough for you?
‼️ Worry not. Click refresh and you can find a new quest that suits you

💡 Just by logging into the marketplace daily, you already earn quest points to unlock a new NFT item

Easy rewards are yours to claim

— Thetan Arena (@ThetanArena) July 27, 2022

To earn points, interested parties must visit the ‘Daily Quest’ tab in the Thetan Arena marketplace. Then, they will have to duly engage with any challenges set by the folks in charge. Once accumulated in sufficient quantity, users can then swap those points for delicious NFT prizes. Furthermore, a leaderboard will also keep track of progress, providing the most active participants with additional rewards.

Be aware, most transactions will occur on-chain and consequently require a gas fee. However, as Thetan Arena resides on the Binance Smart Chain, these costs are kept at a minimum.

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