Revomon Launches Excellent New Burn-to-Earn Feature

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Open world monster battling arena, Revomon, has introduced a magnificent new “Burn to Earn” mechanic to its platform. Going forward, gamers can earn rewards for disposing of their unwanted digital pets.

Heading into the tail end of January, the one-time Pokemon VR will begin rewarding gamers in $REVO tokens for casting their small monsters into the fiery pit. This all-new gaming mechanic will see eligible creatures won in the field of battle converted to the platform’s native token.

To participate, gamers must first acquire the mechanical sidekick, R3V-UP, which effectively enables the game’s NFT features. Afterwards, it is then possible to incinerate unsuspecting monsters as long as they are of the same rarity, and in the case of common and rare Revomon, they are of the same type. Once these parameters are met, gamers are free to put their fairly won collectibles to the torch.

1643115610 revomon burn earn.jpg

To launch the feature, Revomon has calculated a set of floor prices for each creature. So, gamers will have to opportunity to begin earning immediately. However, as the team collects more data, these prices will change to reflect their true value within the game. To support the upgrade, Revomon will begin distributing the 11 million $REVO tokens reserved for play-to-earn gaming, representing 11% of the total token supply.


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