Renowned Artist Amber Vittoria Drops Exclusive NFT Art on SuperRare

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VeeCon speaker, upcoming Coinbase partner, and mega talented artist, Amber Vittoria, is ready for the launch of her latest NFT art piece. The artwork, dubbed ‘Tell Me Yes,’ is a vibrantly abstract painting weaving together a spectrum of emotions.

The painting is composed of acrylic, pencil and ink on 11×14 paper, and the collector will receive both the NFT and the physical painting. Tell Me Yes was initially inspired by a poem composed by Amber, and speaks to the idea of rest, and how we should celebrate taking time for ourselves. The drop is taking place on SuperRare on April 13th at 9am EST, with the auction commencing once the reserve price is met.

Tell Me Yes by Amber Vittoria

Amber is an internationally acclaimed artist whose worked with the likes of Victoria’s Secret, Facebook, Apple, New York Times, Adidas and Gucci. Amber’s NFT works celebrate the nuances of womanhood and draws on her relationship to societal expectations. She first entered the space in February 2021, at the time when NFTs were garnering attention worldwide and starting to make waves throughout mainstream media.

The artist has gracefully carved a space for herself in the CryptoArt world through her unique abstracted forms and ribbons of color, resulting in several sold-out collections and collaborations with World of Women and L’Oreal Paris’s inaugural NFT program.

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