Ready Player Me to Launch Adidas Originals Ozworld Shoe Avatars

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Sports-come-streetwear giants Adidas is consulting the expertise of Ready Player Me to curate AI-generated avatars based on Adidas Originals‘ Ozworld shoe collection. Through the collaboration, fans of the iconic, 90’s style futuristic sneaker will be able to flaunt such streetwear style across a groundbreaking 1,500 metaverse worlds and apps.

As its AI premise suggests, the web experience will champion both individual personalities and physical appearance, as it will ask users to answer a series of questions, including picking their favourite Ozworld footwear silhouette,  in order to uncover their individual preferences. Once this information has been shared, Ready Player Me’s engine will manifest a unique digital avatar that takes inspiration from the collection’s dynamic visual codes.

Having generated an Ozworld footwear-inspired character, users can then experiment by animating their avatar and digitally shopping for sneakers from the collection. Every user will also be able to download their Ozworld avatar to deploy as stickers and GIFs across their social media accounts.

Such creations from the bespoke partnership will come to fruition on April 8th, where early access to the new content will be given to members of the adiClub, as well as those in ownership of an Adidas NFT. The first general instalment of the Adidas x Ready Player Me avatars will then arrive on April 28th.

As many of you will already know, the endeavour is by no means Adidas’s first foray into Web3, as Q4 of 2021 saw the company go into a partnership rampage by teaming up with The Sandbox, Coinbase, Bored Ape Yacht Club, PUNKS Comic, and crypto influencer, Gmoney. Q2 of 2022 saw the company launch a collaborative NFT collection with Prada.


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