Ready Games Builds Mobile-First Tools for Web3 Game Creators

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Web3 game development has suddenly gotten a whole lot easier, as game creating service Ready Games has launched a new mobile-centric Web3 division to help bring decentralised gaming and NFTs to the Apple and Google app stores. The goal of the new division is to democratise access to the wonders of Web3 games to both developers, traditional gamers, and artists.

Perhaps the most notable feature of Ready’s first-of-its-kind offering is its ability to allow developers to seamlessly integrate a shared utility token called $AURA onto their games. From here, and with help from the platform’s turnkey developer tools and full suite of live operations for on-chain games, developers will be able to curate Web3, DeFi-based gaming ecosystems at a minimal development time and cost. At the same time, this will allow them to extend their reach into mainstream gamers by making the games available on traditional app stores. 

With regards to the $AURA token, the company has already raised $3 million via its sale, with venture capital firms BITKRAFT and Hashed leading the round, and investments also coming from a number of top-tier funds such as Tribe, IOSG, Spartan, Mapleblock Capital, Mulana Capital, Dweb3, Fundamental Labs, IBA, GSR, Polygon, SnackClub, and Warburg Serre.

There will also be other utilities on offer to developers which extend beyond explicit game development tools, such as the provision of insight into how they can leverage Web3 gaming to bring extra value to their gaming portfolio.

With regards to players, such participants will be able to immersive themselves beyond Web2 limitations by engaging with ‘play and own’ game mechanics across Ready games, whilst artists will be of benefit through their ability to create and upload styles and gadgets which can be purchased and traded within games.

The democratising project comes off the back of an already successful six year operation period for the company, with such success most poignantly being demonstrated through mobile game developers of its Alpha version enjoying Web2 to Web3 integration-timeframes of only five days. Overall, the company has been involved in numerous developments and mini games on the Google Play Store and Apple Store, with its leveraging of a funding injection in 2019 leading to the expansion of its team and overarching Web3 vision. 

At this moment in time, the company has partnership plans in the pipeline with multiple major game guilds, including SnackClub, which has its five million members chomping at the bit to play web3 games as they go live.

When speaking on the launch of the new division, Ready Games’ CEO David Bennahum had this to say: “As a lifelong gamer, I’m thrilled to offer game devs the tools and tokenomics to make it possible to quickly integrate on-chain. It’s incredibly challenging to take the complexities of Web3 and make them easily accessible for game publishers: from live operations to loyalty programs and new economic models. We’re excited to see what comes next as we build this collective ecosystem together!”

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