Rarible Proposes No-Fee Bored Ape NFT Marketplace

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With the most financially successful NFT collection in the world, a burgeoning metaverse, and a successful native token, the Bored Ape ecosystem is certainly well-established. These days, there are calls for a marketplace to be created specifically for members of the Ape community. 

The loudest of these calls seems to be coming from Magic Eden, which has proposed such a marketplace to be built. But now, another project has stepped up to the plate. Rarible suggested in a public forum post on August 17, 2022, that a marketplace should be established for holders of ApeCoin.

Zero-Fee Benefits 

While Rarible is not the first to suggest this sort of marketplace, its pitch has a bit of a twist in that it is suggesting that the platform be fee-free.

Rarible proposes to build a full-featured custom NFT marketplace for ApeCoinDAO with 0% marketplace fees on the decentralized & cross-chain Rarible Protocol,” the post says, in contrast to Magic Eden’s proposal, which would have come with a 1.5% base marketplace fee.

Along with the zero-fee policy, the marketplace will feature every collection in the ApeCoinDAO ecosystem and will also include listings from major marketplaces like OpenSea. In terms of payment, Rarible proposes bids being made in $APE and $ETH but also offering fiat on-ramp and credit card checkout via MoonPay.

Now that these proposals are up in the air, it is left to see which one becomes a reality.

Source: https://nftplazas.com/rarible-proposes-no-fee-bored-ape-nft-marketplace/

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