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It started with Stranger Things and Love, Death, and Robots, and now, Pup Academy has become the latest Netflix show that is getting into NFTs. This new NFT initiative is being put together by Air Bud Entertainment and Zigazoo and will be launched on Zigazoo’s own platform, a child-focused social media site.

NFTs For Kids?

As per the official announcement, the Flow Blockchain-based assets, called ‘fan passes’ will be a first for Zigazoo and will focus on teaching kids about technology and blockchain. By using fun characters that they are familiar with, this NFT project aims to be entertaining as well as educational

The site also allows users to leverage the existing charters to create their own content such as songs or videos. While there are platforms all over the internet to learn about tech and blockchain, this is one that is specially geared towards children’s needs. 

As Robert Vince, CEO of Air Bud Entertainment explains, this initiative was created to serve children and parents, making sure both have a safe place to learn.

Parents look to Air Bud Entertainment releases to offer them the opportunity to co-view with their children. The Zigazoo platform allows us a great new way to extend our brand’s mission of connecting families to celebrate universal themes of friendship and teamwork,” he said. 

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Source: https://nftplazas.com/pup-academy-fan-pass-nfts/

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