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PUBG Studios, the developer behind the popular battle royale game PUBG Battlegrounds, has partnered with Banger Games, a Web3 gaming platform, to launch an Alpha NFT test. Banger Games aims to provide a comprehensive gaming hub that offers players ownership, income, and self-expression within a gaming community united by their love of gaming.

The Banger gaming hub enables popular games to integrate NFTs into their platforms. As a result, the PUBG Banger collaboration offers players a unique, non-tradeable digital collectible upon signing up for the PUBG Banger Alpha test.


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🔥 Don’t forget to join our discord at to stay updated on the official launch date 🚀🚀🚀 #BangerGames#Alpha#Gaming

— Banger Games (@BangerGamesGG) December 28, 2022

Here’s a quick snapshot of the gaming options

When the collaboration launches, it will allow users to take part in 3 gaming modes:

  • Kill Frenzy: In this mode, players can grab a car and run over as many opponents as they can to secure their kills. If this mode is too gory, fortunately, there are other modes players can check out.
  • Ghost Killer: Here, players use a sniper rifle to get their kills from as far away as possible to earn the most points. The top 10 best results in each game mode count towards game ranking.
  • Mad Max: Players have the license to kill and gather points to scale the leaderboard.

“As with previous platform test runs, we expect another full house in this ALPHA thanks to our new extra features, and especially our Limited Digital Collectibles that we want our users to own and wear in recognition for being a part of creating Banger from the very beginning.” – Nicolas Gonzalez – Chief Product Officer at Banger

By collaborating with a “white-label” platform like Banger, PUBG won’t have to build or integrate its own NFTs. Instead, it only has to rely on Banger to handle the blockchain side of things.

We’ve seen other recent gaming collaborations, but The PUBG Banger Games partnership is unique in that it allows a popular game, like PUBG Battlegrounds to dip its toes into Web3 more seamlessly by using Banger’s NFT-ready technology.

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