Propy Blazes a Trail with First NFT Real Estate Sale on U.S. Soil

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Real estate trailblazer, Propy, has conducted the first-ever U.S. sale of an NFT-backed property, paving the way for a future of fast, simple and efficient real estate trading.

The first NFT transaction on U.S. soil features a prime location in Tampa, Florida, selected for its crypto-friendly state government, positive future growth, and growing jobs market, as well as its famed good weather and metropolitan vibes.

This grand milestone not only proves that the technology works but also provides validity to the project as a whole, thereby ensuring that the future of the industry will include the non-fungible token while also harnessing the true power of the NFT by providing incredible utility, backed with a tangible sense of value.

The first residential NFT will happen in … Tampa 🙌 Read the announcement to understand why we chose this market. Miami next 😉

— Natalia Karayaneva 🪁 (@NataliePropy) January 6, 2022

Propy’s groundbreaking sale coincides with the listing of their native $PRO token on the Coinbase exchange. As a result, its value has surged, experiencing a 300% increase over the last 7 days.

A true innovator, Propy conducted its first NFT-backed real estate sale way back in 2017, when only about seven people knew about the fledgling technology. At the time, they organized the sale of an apartment in Kyiv owned by TechCrunch founder, Michael Arrington, handing over the keys for the mind-boggling sum of 36 ETH.


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