Prizes Galore in The Sandbox’s Casual-Focused GAMEE Jam

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The Sandbox is back with another instalment of its Jam game-design contest, and this time it’s teamed up with play-to-earn (P2E) gaming platform GAMEE to focus on casual games. Dubbed The Sandbox GAMEE Jam, the competition began on May 9th, with the game submission deadline being at 11:59PM UTC on May 22nd. 

With an emphasis on ‘keeping things casual’, each submission will be judged on its overall idea, level/game design, creativity and playability (with ‘bonus points’ for ‘Wow Factor’ also up for grabs). Assets previously made by participants will be allowed to feature in each game, and teams of up to four members are allowed to participate. 

As always, and to ensure a clean and fair competition, there are a few entry guidelines entrants must follow. These include the requirement for the game to be designed using The Sandbox Game Maker software, and for it to include elements of playability (i.e. quests, missions, etc.). In addition, direct copies of existing experiences will not be accepted, and spamming the competition with multiple low-quality games in order to achieve a place in the top ten may lead to a blanket disqualification of all your submissions. 

In order to avoid their efforts being classed as void, participants are also advised to ensure that submissions made via the Game Maker ‘Gallery’ are completed correctly, and they must also fill out this form.

After submitting game creations before the deadline date, submission gathering, judging, and voting (by The Sandbox staff) will take place from May 23rd until June 12th, with the results to then be announced on June 18th. 

After the results are announced, 15,000 $SAND and 10 G-Bot packs from GAMEE will be split amongst the winners, with first place receiving 6,000 $SAND and a Legendary G-Bot pack, second place receiving 3,500 $SAND and a Epic G-Bot pack, third place receiving 2,000 $SAND and a Rare G-Bot pack, and those finishing 4th-10th receiving 500 $SAND and a Common G-Bot pack. 

Good luck to anyone entering the competition, and for those seeking extra guidance on how to use Game Maker and VoxEdit software, you can do so here.


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