Prada and Adidas Launch Community-Driven NFT Project

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Off the back of their physical collaboration ‘Re-Nylon,’ fashion giants Prada and Adidas have coupled once again, but this time in the name of NFTs. Dubbed ‘Re-Source,’ the project entails community members submitting images of themselves, which once compiled together, will render a singular NFT with a collective, Beeple-styled utility.

Beginning on January 24th, anyone with a digital wallet can participate in the project by sending a photo using a filter designed by coder and digital artist, Zach Lieberman. A total of 3,000 submissions will be randomly selected, with 1,000 spots reserved for Adidas Originals’ ‘Into the Metaverse’ NFT holders.

Each photo will be converted into an NFT, with each submitter having the opportunity to mint their respective NFT for free between January 26th-27th. Lieberman will then collate a singular mosaic NFT using each of the 3,000 NFTs as tiles, and release it via auction on SuperRare between January 28th and 31st. A portion of the proceeds from the mosaic NFT sale will go to Slow Factory, a non-profit organization that focuses on battling climate change and helping marginalized communities.

The fashion consortium’s project also allows fans to profit from their participation, as they will retain full IP rights to their individual NFT, have the ability to sell it on secondary markets, and receive royalties each time the mosaic NFT is sold. Through inviting fans into the fold via such personalized modes of engagement, the projects’ perpetuating sense of shared ownership and creator rights sets itself apart from the usual ‘digital characters’ or ‘virtual fashion’ launches seen in the endeavours of other fashion brands who have also dipped their toes into NFTs.

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