pplpleasr Overhauls the Animation Industry with Shibuya Beta Launch

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Following a full six months of development, eminent NFT artist, pplpleasr, has unveiled her mesmerizing new project, Shibuya. A grand foray in to the world of blockchain financed long-form animation.

Through the initiative, pplpleasr aims to create and finance a whole catalogue of high quality animated short films, movies and TV shows, each receiving input and backing through the distribution of “producer pass” NFTs. This will allow for shared ownership in the content, as well as viewer participation in its production.

Named after the famous Shibuya landmark in Tokyo, the initial beta version of the platform went live on March 2nd. Helping it get off the ground, is the first ever animated feature from the project, “White Rabbit”. A gloriously rendered interactive exploration into a possible future for the blockchain.

it’s been a while since i’ve released anything new, but after working on this since september i’m proud to say we’re releasing the beta of @shibuyaxyz today 😭

read my first medium article (ever lol) to learn about ithttps://t.co/udlGyPNL5R

— pplpleasr (@pplpleasr1) March 1, 2022

Each feature built on the platform is completely free to watch, however, NFT ownership will imbue certain rights to the buyer. As a result, collectors will have the ability to vote on alternative narratives and dictate where the story goes as well as hold part ownership to the overall content.

With this innovative approach, pplpleasr aims to take the industry away from the bloodsucking corporates, while putting control firmly in the hands of its community.

Check out the first episode >> Here

Source: https://nftplazas.com/pplplasr-shibuya-beta-launch/

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