PolkaPet World to Launch Polygon-Powered Virtual Companions

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Deep within the undergrowth, a flurry of forest murmurings punctuates the usual quiet landscape, bringing with it, the moment three majestic felines pad a purposeful path through the thicket towards a new and exciting goal. Therefore, marking the moment the world of PolkaPets strides confidently into the grassy plains of the Polygon Network.

So, in a grand demonstration of cross-chain interoperability, Forj will extend its PolkaPets project to bring it roaring onto Polygon, and enable a wild and wonderful world of virtual companionship backed with awe-inspiring utility. This will happen all while expanding the pets universe and opening up a new era of blockchain-based NFT engagement.

“Polygon Pets marks our foray into the world of Pets with Forj, opening new avenues of engagement for fans of our project” “The opportunities for gamified experiences, which will include a metaverse activation, are vast and we’re confident it will bring new audiences into the Polygon ecosystem.”– Charnjit Bansi – VP Game Design, Polygon

A Fearsome Trio of Feline Companions

To kick off Polygon’s exciting entry to the world of virtual pet keeping, Forj will launch 3 majestic creatures via its PolkaPets platform. Each animal will represent a feline powerhouse famed for stalking the jungles of wildest India, arriving to form a lasting partnership with voyagers exploring the blockchain. Those with the foresight to get involved can acquire either Paarja, the fearsome Royal Bengal Tiger, Kaali, the heroic Clouded Leopard, or Baiyun, the spirited Indian Leopard. Each will debut in one of 4 distinct rarities, Noble Onyx, Majestic Pearl, Royal Sapphire or, Opulent Diamond.

Once in possession, owners of these coveted companions will unlock a vast realm of incredible utility, including the ability to earn $PETS rewards, airdrops, discounts and much more. Additionally, select Polygon Pets will also enable access to an incredible Sandbox experience with the chance to earn further amazing benefits.

To get the ball rolling, sign up to receive a FREE Polygon pet via the project portal.

Sign up for a FREE pet >> Here

Virtual Companionship in PolkaPet World

An innovative project coming out of Animoca Brands’ Forj platform, the wild and wonderful PolkaPet World opens up a new method of brand engagement, where fantastical beasts provide an opportunity for Polkadot and Polygon projects to engage with their userbase in meaningful ways. Therefore, providing a system of NFT ownership backed by generous utility to reward loyal support.

Through the platform, brands can essentially launch their own virtual pets, backing them with their own bespoke utility and providing a host of rewards specifically tailored to any given project. Now, as Polygon picks up the baton, these benefits will head cross-chain to spread its grand ideas far and wide.

“Having the Polygon team on board with their own unique collection of Polygon Pets provides our Pets community with a whole new dimension to explore”– Harry Liu – PolkaPet World Team Lead

Find out more about PolkaPet World >> Here

Source: https://nftplazas.com/polkapet-world-polygon/

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