Playboy aims to build its mansion in the metaverse

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Playboy is on a mission to spread its famous bunny logo across the digital universe. The company has dropped thousands of Playboy NFTs featuring bunny avatars, launched a digital social platform called Centerfold and has plans to build a new Playboy Mansion in the metaverse.

These ideas are taking shape as an A&E documentary examines the company’s shady past. Former employees, playmates, and past girlfriends of the company’s founder, Hugh Hefner, star in the 10-part series “Secrets of Playboy”. Which alleges Playboy had a dark side.


Today’s Playboy is not Hugh Hefner’s Playboy

The bold steps come nearly five years after Hefner’s death. Moreover two years after the last issue of Hefner’s legacy print magazine hit newsstands. The next significant issue will be to stage its digital makeover for the next wave of internet innovation, dubbed Web3 by technologists.

“One of the company’s products was the magazine. In a recent interview with CNBC, Playboy CEO Ben Kohn said. “But it was truly that rabbit head that’s worth billions and billions of dollars and not repeatable.”

While the brand generates billions in consumer spending around the world, much of it through licensed products sold in other countries,. Additionally Kohn believes the company’s economic model is faulty and that it has to change.

The CEO’s solutions rely significantly on the world’s most famous bowtie-wearing rabbit, a not-so-secret weapon.

“When you think about what this brand represents from a marketing and awareness standpoint. We very much have 100 percent recognition around the world,” he added.

Kohn compared Playboy’s brand awareness to Nike and Apple

Kohn contrasted Playboy’s brand recognition to that of Nike and Apple, two corporations with globally recognizable logos.


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