Play-to-Earn Game ‘Dragonary’ Reveals Grand Plan for the Year Ahead

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Grand monster battling ecosystem, Dragonary, has outlined its ambitious plans for 2022, and will consequently incorporate huge upgrades to its platform over the coming months.

High-octane racing simulation, Dragonary Kart, will kick things off in Q1. Gamers will test their skills on the track, competing in an eclectic array of NFT-powered race cars. The beta version will arrive in Q1, with a full rollout expected later in the year. The game itself will feature NFTs and play-to-earn gameplay, however, Dragonary will also offer a free-to-play option, letting gamers take part without a financial outlay.

Furthermore, Q1 will also see the introduction of new dragon elements, where each element represents an entire species, resulting in a whole new range of creatures joining the fight.

Then, heading into Q2 fans will get their first taste of Droagonarya, a vast continent of 777 islands where the dragons live, eat, rest and fight. Each plot is buyable and tradable within the Dragonary ecosystem and will provide an added dimension to the game.

In addition, the team will introduce a number of fully playable mini-games to flesh out the overall ecosystem. Finally, at the tail end of the year, in Q3 and Q4, Dragonary will reveal details of their top-secret augmented reality game, which, judging by the information given, will involve dragons battling in all their AR glory.

Read the full roadmap >> Here


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