Platform launches world’s first lunar sensitive NFTs

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Startups focusing on nonfungible tokens (NFTs) have explored various topics, from gaming to sports to film and more. However, few of these startups are tackling the genre of short storytelling. All except for Dead Handz, a group looking to change the way the world consumes short stories.

User-powered storytelling

Dead Handz is an Ethereum (ETH)-based fantasy sci-fi story that users can interact with and invest within. Powered by nonfungible tokens, the team behind Dead Handz aims to build a fantasy world that fans can own a piece of and profit off of its growth. The story will have multiple seasons, each bringing with it a new collection of Dead Handz for users to buy, hold and trade.

Taking place in a fictionalized version of Earth, five characters, the activators, have accidentally opened a Portal leading to all sorts of monsters and challenges. The activators must prevent the Portal from spilling its contents onto Earth and taking over the world.

Only a few activators are revealed at first, and each one brings additional utility to Dead Handz holders. For example, BC 48 is the curator of the world’s library, which holds lore books, scrolls and other information regarding the universe. Another activator, Professor Khonsu, adds lunar sensitivity to the Dead Handz NFTs. These specialized assets change upon a full moon, creating the world’s first lunar-sensitive NFTs.

The backstory of each activator is revealed over time, keeping users engaged and pondering what stories and utility will come next. 

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Genesis, the first Dead Handz season, sold out right away. This initial mint provided the team with sufficient funding to develop token utilities and plan a massive second season, Tartarus. While Genesis Dead Handz holders may have to wait for additional utility, these users are rewarded with one free NFT upon every future season launch as thanks for their support. 

Scarce storytelling

Each Dead Handz season will offer 666 NFTs, creating a level of scarcity with each update. That said, new NFTs will differ drastically from previous seasons’ offerings.

At the start of a new season, the Dead Handz team establishes a theme by which all characters and art directions will abide. Season 2, Tartarus, for instance, is based on Ancient Greek lore, honing in on the mythical Titans from that era.

To ensure its NFTs are as accessible as possible, the Dead Handz team has partnered with the Mintable marketplace for trading and investing purposes. Dead Handz has also partnered with Rarity Sniper so users can view the rarity of each NFT and NFT Calendar to promote the launch of the new season.

The team describes Dead Handz’ underlying mission, stating:

“Our ambition is to change the fantasy industry and be the world’s first story with decentralized ownership. The most successful and adored fictional stories are always owned by a small group of individuals or private entities, but it is the fans that fundamentally support them. We believe that fan communities deserve to own a piece of their favorite stories and should profit from their growth. With Dead Handz, anyone can own a piece of it, no matter who you are or where you are from.”

Learn more about Dead Handz

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