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Late last year, Planet IX, the free-to-play and play-to-earn metaverse, unveiled the next step in its evolution with the launch of Mission Control. This exciting new feature became the center of the Planet IX experience, offering players a streamlined way to manage their assets and carry out various in-game tasks. Now however, its success has come with a drawback, it has slowed down the entire Polygon chain. 

Planet IX started as an NFT-based strategy game where the goal was to bring a fallen planet back to its green-blue glory and uncover its mysteries. The story kept growing into a huge and immersive sci-fi metaverse, and the plot helped people become more aware of how humans affect the world as it is now.

The Planet IX map consists of 1.6 billion PIX, all of which are individual NFTs that you can collect. Gamers can acquire these PIX via its on-board $IXT utility token. Today, the game has grown a dedicated community with 550k+ unique players and 400+ million NFTs in circulation.

At its launch in November 2022, Mission Control aimed to provide players with an effortless way to oversee their resources while preserving the intricate and rich universe of Planet IX. Players started staking their PIX and assets, such as territories, tech, and structures, on six tiles, with the option to expand to 36 tiles for even more control and customization.

Planet IX is witnessing an unprecedented rise in popularity. In the past month, the game has seen a significant 86.54% increase in total sales, generating $2.76 million in revenue from the sale of in-game assets. This surge in adoption is a testament to the popularity and excitement surrounding Planet IX among players.

Data from DappRadar shows that Planet IX’s NFT game assets have seen a remarkable 43.65% increase in transactions, resulting in a whopping $8.39 million. This shows how the virtual assets in the Planet IX universe, especially Mission Control, are getting more and more attention and investment.

Believers attribute the recent growth to the launch of Mission Control, a new update to the game. With its waste NFT system, raiding capabilities, and Bonus Loot rewards, Mission Control has added an extra layer of excitement and intrigue to the game.

Mission Control’s Amazing Features 

The waste NFT is an important part of Mission Control. Players also known as “Agents of Change (AoCs),” clean up the trash on Planet IX by staking their assets, using drones and in-game tools, refining them through companies like Global Waste Systems and Eternalabs, and earning rewards in the process.

Along with staking and collecting trash, Mission Control added a new raiding system that adds a fun PvP element to the game. Players can compile a list of other players and the waste on their properties, then choose which player to raid. The raid will succeed or fail based on how the minigame goes, giving the defending player six hours to prepare a defense.

Mission Control is a significant advancement for Planet IX, providing players with a more comprehensive and engaging method to manage their assets and explore the immersive universe of the metaverse. Whether you’re a seasoned player or new to the game, Mission Control promises hours of fun and excitement.

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