Pixelmon’s Redemption with New Leadership Team & Roadmap

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Former subject of NFT ridicule, Pixelmon, has announced a grand plan to turn its fortunes around, achieving this mighty goal, by forming a new leadership team and releasing a greatly overhauled roadmap.

Back in February, the infamous NFT project hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons, drawing the ire of its supporters by following up weeks of hype and soaring NFT prices with perhaps the most disappointing reveal in NFT History, while additionally spawning open mockery for its forlorn and somehow endearing character, Kevin.

Since its eventful debut however, Pixelmon has returned to the fray with renewed vigour. Now seemingly ready to put some of the $70m raised from its initial mint to good use. So far, Pixelmon has replaced most of its rudimentary early designs with sleek and highly polished 3D images, while additionally launching a smart new website to showcase its Pokémon-style project.

I will pfp my favorite character in Pixelmon for the next 3 days. This character is called GRAILON and there are 25 of these characters (18 only revealed). GrailonDAO members are amazing people like @SteerzNFT, @nft_lft.

The best DAO! #NewNFTProfilePic NFT – @Pixelmonhttps://t.co/NIzsUB8BWepic.twitter.com/HVEqgZcWeX

— killjoy (@killjoynfts) September 26, 2022

Going forward, it’s full steam ahead for the Pixelmon team, launching a stream of initiatives until the end of the year, with a promise of an alpha version of it game in Q1 2023, followed by a token and LAND launch.

Only time will tell however, if Pixelmon can recover from its disastrous early days and regain the confidence of its community.

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