Physical NFT Museum Set to Open in Seattle

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A physical NFT museum is opening in Seattle, with the aim of offering a real-life space dedicated to celebrating NFTs and boundary-pushing artists.

The Seattle NFT Museum (SNFTM) will open its doors on January 14, 2022, in Seattle’s Belltown neighbourhood. The museum will offer an offline space for visitors to interact with NFTs and learn about the technology and artists that make them possible. A section of it will also be dedicated to explaining the fundamentals of NFT technology and its permanent impact on art.

The museum has been set up by tech executives Jennifer Wong and Peter Hamilton, who are on a mission to bring physical interaction to the NFT art world. The offline space will feature an array of exhibits related to NFTs, which will include an emphasis on promoting artwork from Seattle-based artists.

Works from NFT collector Aaron Bird’s impressive NFT collection are being lent to the museum, which will include works from the Chromie Squiggle series by Erick Calderon, as well as Larva Labs’ CryptoPunks. Artwork from artists such as Blake Kathryn, Neon Saltwater, and Charles Peterson will also be on display.

To overcome the challenge of displaying digital works in a physical space, SNFTM has partnered with Samsung. The world leading electronic device producer has sponsored the museum with several flexible frames that can adapt to the size and dimensions of each exhibited work. These frames are specifically designed for displaying digital artwork whilst offline, compared to the standard, horizontal screens which are typically used.

The museum will still include virtual elements, with Hamilton and Wong sending QR codes to visitors so they can access various interactive online portals.


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