Pegaxy Launches Android App for Unrestricted Gaming

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Epic fantasy horse racing simulation, Pegaxy, is proud to announce the launch of its mobile platform. As a result, qualifying Android users can now race their mighty steeds from the palm of their hands.

From the initial launch, Pegaxy has restricted access to those in possession of Epic and Rare in game NFTs. Therefore, taking a tentative approach as it looks to expand in the play anywhere market. However, following this initial development period, Pegaxy will roll out the app to all members of the gaming ecosystem.

To get up and running, just navigate to the Pegaxy official website, and click on the download icon in the top right corner. Then sync up using the QR code in the native Pegaxy browser wallet. Once in, racehorse owners can then compete to their hearts content, wherever they may be.

Hi Epic and Rare Owners! 🐎

We are thrilled to announce that the beta of our mobile app is now open for you to test and enjoy!📱

We’re looking forward to hearing from you, and can’t wait until the full release of this native app! 😤😤😤

— Pegaxy (@PegaxyOfficial) May 10, 2022

Furthermore, this launch represents the beta version of the application, and there is more development required. Therefore, gamers can lend a helping hand by reporting any bugs they may encounter. As a result, Pegaxy has set up a ‘bug form’ to facilitate the development process.

As Pegaxy continues to grow, expect more innovation and play-to-earn wonders to emerge from its stables.

Report any bugs >> Here


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