Peckshield Calls Rug Pull on Dubious Dragoma Activity

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On the ball crypto sleuths, Peckshield, have unearthed details of the latest dastardly rug pull, detailing how recently ‘launched’ Web3 gaming platform, Dragoma, emptied the project coffers and scarpered.

Those waking up to check how their Dragoma tokens ($DMA) are doing will face an almighty surprise. The previously touted gaming utility token has seen the bulk of its liquidity moved to centralized exchanges, while simultaneously, the project website and its associated social media accounts have all but disappeared.

Over recent weeks, the Dragoma project appeared to gain significant traction, promising to build an adventure style game on the Polygon network featuring collectable NFTs and onboard economy. The wheels came off early on August 8 however, when the token price plummeted 99.87% from the heady heights of $1.34 down to a pitiful $0.0012. This resulted in an estimated swindle of approximately $3.5 million worth of assets, with Peckshield reporting that the funds appear to be destined for centralized exchanges.

#PeckShieldAlert#rugpull Dragoma $DMA on polygon rugged. $DMA has dropped -99.7%.
The website seems down and the social media channel deleted. The stolen funds seem like deposit into centralized exchanges.

— PeckShieldAlert (@PeckShieldAlert) August 8, 2022

Coupling the plummeting token value with the deactivation of Twitter and Discord channels, leaves all the hallmarks of a classic rug pull. However, if centralized exchanges have entered the mix, hopefully a spot of KYC will prove their downfall.


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