Pawn Bots NFT Expand DeFi Vision Via Cinematography Foray

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With a bear market looming large, it’s time for the unfazed, uncorrelated assets of the NFT realm to start showing their worth. As you would expect, projects which fall under this category can predominantly be described as being in the ‘Blue Chip’ variety, whether that be a Punk, Ape, or Doodle. However, in the midst of rapid DeFi and blockchain innovations, the more technical, HiFi protocol-adopting assets of the Pawn Bots have ushered themselves into the convocation. 

Pawn Bots’ Vision

The Pawn Bots are a collection of uncorrelated NFTs which provide owners with the opportunity to store value in their asset by holding, or alternatively, they can use the asset as collateral to unproblematically borrow liquid funds, irrespective of the treacherous and panicky market conditions surrounding it. In doing so, those leveraging their Pawn Bot NFTs can enjoy HiFi’s fixed-rate, fixed-term lending protocol.

Anyone holding Mainframe ($MFT), the token of HiFi Finance, can mint a Pawn Bot (at a TBD date), which they can then liquidate back into $MFT through the project’s buyback guarantee (as freely as they wish). This distinguishing combination of flexibility and utility makes Pawn Bots one of the very few ‘low-risk investments in high-risk times’ that doesn’t require a mammoth load of capital in order to acquire.

This philosophy follows that of the CryptoPunks in two ways, with the first being that investors were initially able to mint a Punk for free amid the bear market of 2018 to 2020 (with only $6 gas fees to pay), and the second being that Punks have gone on to be formidable, uncorrelated assets which are able to maintain financial value amid any level of market turmoil. 

Pawn Bots’ Cinematography Foray 

To represent its understanding of what the NFT community values in not only asset utility, but in projects as a whole, Pawn Bots has premiered its first 3D animated NFT video.

Where do NFTs go during a bear market?
“The Talk” NFT video premiere. 🎬 📽️🏖️🍹

— Pawn Bots (@PawnBots) May 12, 2022

Through a convocation between a ‘derivative’ Doodle x Ape son, and his ape father, as they lay sipping on cocktails which have been served up by a Pawn Bot, the video creatively manifests the primordial dilemma of the ‘birds and the bees talk’ into the context of NFTs, a premise every NFT enthusiast will enjoy. Cameos from Mutant Apes and a Moonbird are also observed, as well as a comedic reference to one of the biggest pop-culture stories of 2022 (see if you can spot it).

Despite its comedic purpose, and with the inclusion of unquestionably uncorrelated NFTs, the video is designed with the purpose of portraying the ambition of the Pawn Bots project, and further, its desire for the community to enjoy blockchain-related wealth that isn’t comprised by fluctuating market conditions.

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