Paramount’s Star Trek NFT Instalment Sells Out in Minutes

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After months of waiting, Star Trek’s plunge into the metaverse on Saturday proved to be a huge success, as its ‘Continuum’ NFT project sold out in a matter of minutes. Intuitively, the project was dropped on the NFT platform of the owners behind the series’ IP, Paramount, with help also coming from blockchain experts Recur.  

The project’s first instalment saw 20,000 algorithmically generated 1:1 Starship NFTs be unveiled, with each coming in either a ‘Captain’ or ‘Admiral’ assortment at $250 a piece. The ‘Captain Pack’ consisted of one ship, either an Oberth or Soyuz, with an 11% chance of it being a Constitution or Constitution Refit (as seen in the earlier movies). Alternatively, purchasing an ‘Admiral Pack’ would’ve guaranteed a Constitution, however, such NFT could only be purchased through owning a $350-priced Recur Pass NFT.

As their relatively hefty prices suggest, the NFTs are embedded with other utilities that extend beyond their mere classic Sci-Fi aesthetics, such as access to an ‘experiential hub’ which acts as a virtual house for all Star Trek NFT content, as well as an access key to onboard other Star Trek NFT adventures.

Paramount also hinted that properties from Nickelodeon and Paramount Pictures may also be coming to its platform, meaning ownership of a ‘Continuum’ NFT may also grant access to such content, whilst Recur also confirmed that an additional 10% of the final mint will be generated for the RECUR Community Treasury.

Despite the mint closing due to demand levels rampantly matching those of supply, fans can still have a pop at owning a Star Trek Continuum NFT by shopping on secondary marketplaces such as OpenSea.


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