Papa Johns Deliver Free NFT Hot Bag Giveaway

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International pizza provider Papa Johns is diving into the metaverse through its delivery of free NFTs to its customers. The initiative is dubbed the ‘NFT Hot Bag Giveaway,’ and will include three distinct hot bag designs for customers to feast their virtual hands on.

The three variations are the ‘Papa 1984,’ the ‘Papa Cheese Melt,’ and the ‘Papa Tag,’ with the former taking its design cues from the modern trend of isolated streetwear and heat-preserving pizza hot bag technology, whilst the latter two take their inspiration from hip-hop street art when graffiti grew prevalent around the same time in which the company opened its doors in 1984. 

There will be three variations of each design, meaning participants in the giveaway can freely choose between nine designs. The collection’s capacity has not been announced, however Papa John’s has prompted participants to act swiftly in collecting their NFT Hot Bag, inferring a state of relative scarcity.

A lucky NFT Hot Bag owner will also win a physical Papa 1984 hot bag, with the winner of the raffle to be announced on April 14th. Those who miss out on the prize can still acquire a Papa 1984 hot bag, as well as a Papa Cheese Melt or Papa Tag hot bag via an exclusive drop on fashion marketplace Depop, which commences on March 7th.

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