PAD provides a metaverse environment with VR and P2E games

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Psychonaut Ape Division (PAD), will release the their NFT collection on March 1st. Which is to offer holders with a wide range of metaverse experiences.


PAD will become the pathway that connects all these experiences

All of these experiences will connect via PAD, which will begin at the WAYSTATION. It will become evident to people what possibilities are available, ranging from unique bespoke collections to virtual reality simulations, peer-to-peer games. And of course, explorations into deeper realms of waking.

PAD aspires to follow in the footsteps of other Blue-Chip initiatives like Bored Apes in giving a plethora of value adds, ranging from Alpha insights to Future drops and access to unique partnering projects.

PAD, according to its founders, is the ideal project for investigating this new frontier of the Metaverse and all of its possibilities. Indeed, psychonaut Ape Division will give a community and a relationship based on connection.

“We feel PAD is the ideal initiative for delving into this new metaverse frontier and all of its possibilities”. “Psychonaut Ape Division will supply the link that underlies that community,” stated PAD’s Giordano Giovanni.

Since 2010, Woah Jonny has been an international artist with a portfolio of internationally recognized artwork. As well as a self-proclamed community member. After learning about the potential of NFTs and their ability to augment and engage with people in ways never seen before, it was evident that this was the best way to see his work acknowledged.

There will be a total of 7,777 Psychonauts exploring the Metaverse


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