PacSun introduced a new VR, AR, and gaming metaverse experience

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PacSun, the American retail clothing brand, has introduced a “metaverse experience” that includes VR, AR, livestreaming, and a game.

Emma Chamberlain, a Generation Z influencer, is in the retailer’s spring/summer 2022 campaign. The campaign’s “theme is looking forward and dreaming of escape,” according to a press release.

On February 17, the VR experience debuted in PacSun’s flagship shop in Los Angeles. Moreover, there is also a digital version of Chamberlain coming with the new aesthetics.

The campaign’s AR and VR elements will be featured on social media, the company’s website, and in retail windows.

The PacSun app also includes a video game called “PacSun the Game”. “Explore underwater worlds and follow Puck, the PacSun guide, in search of corals and underwater resources to unlock new levels and underwater planets guarded by an underwater snake,” according to the game’s description. On the PacSun website and on TikTok, the retailer broadcasted a livestream with Chamberlain to advertise the event.

Digital components “are at the forefront of cultural relevance for Generation Z,” according to PacSun officials. Furthermore, the company “continues to… embrace new technology as a method to strengthen the brand’s connection to its youth community.”

The company did, in fact, just announce an NFT collection. It has also begun accepting cryptocurrency and has established a catalog on the Roblox game platform.

“Chamberlain is an authentic voice and style icon for our youth community,” according to PacSun president’s Brie Olson, who has added that the company is “eager to continue our adventure together as PacSun goes into the metaverse.”

This is the latest example of marketers experimenting with augmented reality, virtual reality, and livestreaming to contact customers in the fashionable metaverse. Similarly, Samsung recently engaged the services of a virtual influencer named Zero to promote the debut of its next phone in a virtual mall.


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