OWNFT World is about to launch 6,888 NFT avatars in Singapore

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OWNFT World, a Singapore-based firm, is preparing to launch 6,888 non-fungible avatar tokens based on the Ethereum network. By the end of February, the system should be operational. The project’s creators, known as Guardians of Fashion (GOF), have teamed up with Warner Music Group. Other fashion businesses and networks have already joined the ecosystem to create shows and videos for viewers to enjoy.

Guardians of Fashion focuses on the entertainment and fashion sectors (GOF). Thus, billed as a virtual model agency established in the metaverse that allows you to follow your dreams of becoming a model.

“Casting is essential prior to the production of a video, show, or series.” Casting an avatar costs 0.18 ETH (Ethereum), which is currently worth $557 USD.

The avatar owner is entitled to a part of the money. Payment will take place in GOF community tokens. The big idea is to build a bigger NFT initiative that can provide passive income for people. It’s primarily about making the metaverse more helpful rather than merely a more advanced virtual reality.

“Limitless possibilities”.

The metaverse platform will expand in the future. Fashion Guardians is only one example of the limitless possibilities. Indeed, it might be the virtual world becoming a natural extension of real life.

The entertainment and fashion industries are the focus of Guardians of Fashion (GOF). Furthermore, it’s a metaverse-based virtual model agency that lets you pursue your ambitions of being a model. “You can be a model and quickly become a celebrity in the metaverse, at least”.

In OWNFT World, the avatars will be controlled and owned by real people. The virtual world is based on NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens), and NFT entrepreneurs are successful. Indeed, NFT avatars may live and act in virtual reality, showcasing their virtual abilities. Finally, experts believe that this is something that digital influencers will excel at.

Source: https://metanews.com/ownft-world-is-about-to-launch-6888-nft-avatars-in-singapore/

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