OurSong – The Creative NFT Music Platform from John Legend

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Twelve-time Grammy winner John Legend has become the latest celebrity to delve into the realm of NFTs. Marketed as a social commerce platform, Legend’s endeavour veers from the usual NFT collection-based releases from fellow A-listers, as it sees him become the co-founder of new NFT Music platform, OurSong. 

The platform allows users to create NFTs called ‘Vibes,’ whilst also giving super-fans the opportunity to pay for access to private chat rooms and unreleased music. In an effort to solidify users’ frequent use of the platform, all the functions are easily accessible at the touch of a finger, via its corresponding mobile app.

Users are not required to own any cryptocurrency to enjoy the offerings of the platform, as they can purchase a digital fan card using fiat, which is stored on the platform, and will be used to grant access to clubs based on the privileges of the respective card. ‘Vibes’ can be bid-on using USD, which OurSong then converts to Ethereum and exchanges to ERC20 tokens. Intuitively, such accessibility perks are designed to simplify and reduce the barriers to entry for users who are unfamiliar with the relative complexities of crypto. 

Along with his co-founder status, Legend will also act as Chief Impact Officer, with prominent tech-based names from the likes of KKBOX, Twitch, and Warner Music joining the Ohio-born musician in his first foray into Web3-based business.

As of now, the app appears to have an exclusively Chinese user base, however its marketing prowess in the West hopes to get lifted through the influence of Legend.

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Source: https://nftplazas.com/oursong-the-creative-nft-music-platform-from-john-legend/

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