Otherside Drops Litepaper After Successful Tech Demo

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In wake of the platform’s successful test demo, Yuga Labs have dropped the Litepaper for its Otherside metaverse game. According to the company, the document serves as a starter guide for the Otherside, as it covers foundational principles of the platform, capabilities of its developers, and possibilities for community co-creation. 

The paper and its coinciding website touch on eight different areas of the project (plus appendix), such as its Introduction, Principles, Voyagers and Developers, ODK, Engine, Agora, ApeCoin, and ‘Looking Forward’. 

The Litepaper launch swiftly follows the first ‘First Trip’ (a.k.a test demo) of the project, wherein a select number of Otherdeed Land owners (a.ka. Voyagers) were able to experience the game for the first time. Here, and apparently with minimal to no lag, the 4,300 Voyagers involved in the test demo were welcomed by a huge Bored Ape, as well as a Koda named ‘Blue’.

With help from the pair of hosts, Voyagers were transported to The Otherside via an ever-winding portal, where they were then met with ‘The Biogenic Swamp’ (a place which is commonly referred to as the centre of The Otherside). Using jump pods, they could then quickly transverse across the world to reach places such as ‘The Sphere’. The challenge in the First Trip was to defeat an evil boss Koda, this was done by Voyagers flinging themselves at the Koda to cause damage.

Yuga Labs have since reported that the metadata of First Trip attendees’ (whether that be actual players or viewers) Otherdeeds NFTs has been updated. The company also stated that more First Trips will be take place soon.

Source: https://nftplazas.com/otherside-drops-litepaper/

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