Origin (Battles v3)- The New Ecosystem Coming to Axie Infinity

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Origin (Battles v3), a new ecosystem for the blockchain powerhouse game of Axie Infinity, is set to launch by the end of Q1 2022. After taking onboard feedback from Battles v2, the expansion will see additions such as brand new interfaces, game mechanics, art, special effects, storylines and onboarding experiences, all of which have been built from the ground up to allow a more approachable experience for mainstream and new audiences.

Release Plan

Origin will be released through an initial Alpha launch, which will be available to a global audience via Mavis Hub and Android APK. During the launch, Sky Mavis will be looking for player feedback to refine the game. There will be no SLP or AXS rewards in the Alpha release, with Trainer progress and resources earned being reset when the full game is formally launched.

The Alpha Phase will be followed by the launching of Season 0, which will allow developers to make more core updates to the game based on feedback. Depending on feedback, SLP earning from Battles v2 may be transitioned into Origin (therefore shutting down Battles v2) in Season 0, however if not, such transition will take place at a later date.

New Game Mechanics

A fundamental addition to the game’s mechanics is ‘Sequential Turns,’ where Axies will now execute their attacks immediately as cards are played, whilst opposing trainers will take sequential turns using their cards rather than choosing them simultaneously at the beginning of rounds (as in Battles v2). This means trainers are now in constant action, either through laying their cards or observing their opponent’s moves, further allowing for a faster-paced and more engaging gaming experience.

Other game mechanics additions within Origin include the stopping of unused Energy and Cards being accumulated across turns (therefore decreasing the incentive for players to skip turns), changes to the organisation of Card’s attack and defense values (as well as newly described abilities for some cards), and the introduction of ‘Eyes’ and ‘Ears’ leveraging (meaning Trainers can now leverage all six of Axie’s skills).

‘Runes & Charms’ will also be incrementally added to Origin, which are new ‘power-ups’ equipped by Axie’s to provide their inherent abilities with various buffs. They will come in non-NFT forms which can be crafted in-game through ‘Moonshards,’ as well as more powerful NFT-based forms, which, because of the necessity for SLP and Moonshards in order for them to be crafted, will act as one of the initial SLP burning mechanisms incorporated into Origin.

Amid player frustration regarding critical hit dynamics in Battles v2, random critical hits have been removed, and the game has replaced them with new, above-card play mechanics such as ‘rage,’ which Axies accumulate over the course of a battle. Trainers can then choose when to unleash their accumulated ‘rage’ onto their opponent.

With Origin’s focus on moving towards a fast, turn-based game design, Axie stats have be simplified and will now revolve around ‘hit points’ (HP).


Three Starter Axies (such as ‘Buba’ who you’ve already met) will be available to play with for free. For now, such Axies are not NFTs, nor can you earn SLP through their usage. Players will be able to earn access to more Starter Axies as they progress through PvE Adventure Modes, which they will then be able to use within PvP environments.

To simplify the Origin ecosystem for all players, features will be unlocked as players successfully play the game. There will also be a catalogue of tutorials on offer to players to explain parts of the gameplay, which can be revisited at any time.

The final touches and tweaks are still being made, so not all of the information above will be set in stone.

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