Orange Comet Strikes Partnership with Sir Anthony Hopkins

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Over in the fantastical realm of NFTs, Orange Comet has secured the talents of Hollywood legend, Sir Anthony Hopkins. A classically trained acting powerhouse forged in the shadow of the formidable Port Talbot steelworks, and battle hardened from over 60 years on the stage and screen.

The Eternal Collection

Now, as he nurtures an equally impressive painting career, Sir Anthony will transpose his remarkable talents onto the blockchain. As a result, touching down in a grand merging of Hollywood, fine art, and incredible utility all packaged into ‘The Eternal Collection.’

Through this breathtaking collaboration, Sir Anthony has summoned the spirits of some of his greatest roles to entertain the masses and forged them into this new non-fungible realm. He is bringing 1000 wholly unique digital collectibles to the ether in the shape of 10 different Anthony Hopkins personalities. As a result, channeling his inner ‘Jester,’ ‘Lover,’ ‘Ruler,’ ‘Rebel,’ ‘Giver,’ ‘Hero,’ ‘Explorer,’ ‘Creator,’ ‘Magician,’ and ‘Sage,’ all to produce a profound celebration of his acting heritage and his 17-year exploration into the world of art.

Available on OpenSea >> Here

From a Single Idea, a Legendary is Born

Heading to Orange Comet like a celestial bolt from the mighty Odin, 1,000 Legendary NFTs will rain down on the blockchain, bringing with them a vast array of wholly unique collectibles based around the grand army of characters. Each will arrive in a magnificent blind drop, with the underlying designs revealed a short time afterwards.

Those with a mind to take part will stand a 1% chance of receiving a signature animated NFT. A unique digital collectible showcasing 1 of the 10 character archetypes, and sporting its own premium utility. As such, holders will unlock a signed Dreamscapes book, featuring a treasure trove of artwork, poetry and music created by the enigmatic star, as well as an intimate online discussion with the fearsome Welshman via Zoom.

Never fear however, as the remaining 990 NFTs will also come with their own amazing perks. As a result, 39 holders will receive a signed copy of the Dreamscapes book, while 5 will unlock access to the aforementioned Zoom discussion group with the actor, 1 will gain access to an intimate 1 on 1 online session, and 100 will receive a personalized NFT with a message from Sir Anthony Hopkins airdropped directly into their wallet.

Inner City Arts

Sir Anthony Hopkins is proud to announce his partnership with Inner-City Arts. In alignment with their mission “to engage young people in the creative process in order to shape a society of creative, confident, and collaborative individuals,” he has pledged a donation from the proceeds of The Eternal Collection.

The Anthony Hopkins Eternal NFT Collection, will arrive imminently on OpenSea, so get your wallets ready to get involved!

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