OpenSea Updates its Duplication Controls and Verification Process

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NFT trading heavyweight, OpenSea, is finally getting its act together and tackling the age-old problem of platform fraud. Therefore, deploying improvements to both its verification process, and duplicate detection protocols.

Firstly, OpenSea will look to take on the outright plagiarism it politely calls ‘CopyMints,’ achieving its goal by utilizing image detection software that takes into consideration mirrored and rotated images, while additionally employing human intervention to make the final judgement call.

Imitation and plagiarism are growing issues in the world of NFTs.

Today, we’re rolling out changes aimed at improving authenticity and reducing copymints on OpenSea.

Get all the details in our blog post here:


— OpenSea (@opensea) May 11, 2022

Second on their list, OpenSea has given its verification process a major overhaul. Going forward, a two-tiered approach will see verification applied at both account and collection level. Initially, any accounts recording over 100 ETH in trading volume will receive an invite to apply for the program, arriving in the form of a blue banner at the top of the OpenSea window.

Then, users must complete the required steps of adding a profile picture, naming the account, registering an email and linking a Twitter profile. Following which, OpenSea will consider the them for inclusion. Once in possession of their account level blue check mark, users can then apply for a collection level badge. Basically, following the same 100 ETH rule and set up process.

Members should be aware however, the updated program remains in its infancy, and will become more rigorous over time.

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