OpenSea Revamps with New Look – NFT Plazas

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OpenSea users are in for a treat as the NFT marketplace has unveiled a new look. The platform has overhauled several of its features, which it broke down in a Twitter thread. 

OpenSea’s New Look

One of the first things that were changed was OpenSea’s homepage carousel. The carousel now shows collections from both new artists and those that are currently trending. This means that lesser-known artists and collections can also be spotlighted. 

Given how much of a boost being featured on the OpenSea homepage could be for creators, this is a big deal. OpenSea’s ‘Top Collections’ tab has also been moved from its stats page to the homepage, along with the new ‘Trending’ tab. Finally, OpenSea has debuted what it calls ‘Spotlight Sections’, which are curated selections of creative NFT collections and artists across the site. 

These spotlight sections will highlight new and notable projects, and a broader set of NFT types, artists, genres and projects curated by our team as well as guest tastemakers across our community in the future!” the Twitter thread said. 

Given how fast the NFT space is constantly changing, it is only appropriate that one of the biggest marketplaces in the space changes as well. This redesign, from what we can see, prioritizes giving a chance to smaller creators and making them more discoverable.


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