OpenSea Looks to Change the NFT Game with its Seaport Protocol

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NFT trading behemoth, OpenSea, has launched Seaport, a next generation decentralized marketplace protocol, allowing users to choose whatever assets they desire in exchange for their prized tokens.

Utilizing some of its billions of dollars, OpenSea has developed the brand-new protocol. A magnificent piece of open-source tech that will forever change the way NFTs are traded. Under the hood, this latest innovation will allow buyers and sellers to set specific trading parameters for their tokens. Meaning that users will no longer be restricted to listing items in a single ERC-20 currency.

Through this new initiative, owners can set swap deals, required character traits and even launch a bespoke Dutch auction. However, the truly revolutionary aspect of Seaport is that OpenSea doesn’t own the smart contract. So essentially, this open-sourced piece of non-fungible magic represents a gift to the developer community by providing a fully decentralized trading protocol that everyone has access to build upon.

Opensea announced something MAJOR today – they created a protocol for NFT marketplaces called Seaport

Here’s what it means, why it’s big for decentralization and how this radically changes how we buy/sell/trade NFTs


— atareh.eth ⌐◨-◨ (@atareh) May 21, 2022

This in all probability marks a watershed moment in NFT trading, and invites members throughout the community to build upon and innovate the tech. In addition, OpenSea has also launched a bug bounty program to reward any eagle-eyed developers that find an issue with the code.

Learn more >> Here

Participate in the bug bounty program >> Here


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