OpenSea Announces Solana Launchpad NFT Feature

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Leading NFT marketplace OpenSea has announced the arrival of its Solana Launchpad. As per the words of the company’s description of the new feature, it comes as part of the platform’s overarching goal to bring a vast multi-chain experience to its users. 

Through the Solana Launchpad, OpenSea creators will be able to host new mints from top to bottom on the platform. This means all pre-mint, post-mint, and secondary sale events will be under their control. In addition, allowlist features will also be an option to add to the events. 

The Solana Launchpad will enhance collectors’ experiences on a broader level too, as its goal is to create the best Solana-centric NFT experience wherein assets stay in users’ wallets whilst they are listed, new Solana collections will automatically appear on its page, and users can top up their payments with fiat at checkout (using MoonPay). 

The arrival of the Solana Launchpad also entails OpenSea partnering with two Solana-based NFT projects to get the new feature up and running. These two projects are titled Zoonies and Monkai, and they will both be dropped through the Solana Launchpad this week.

Check out Solana NFTs on OpenSea > Here


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