Open Circus Swings into Innovation with The Sandbox

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Open Circus is bringing magic into The Sandbox metaverse with alluring, innovative gaming experiences that delve into its colorful past. Born out of the efforts of Madona, Stéphanie, and Victoria Bouglione, the masterminds behind the iconic Bouglione circus dynasty are blending traditional circus arts with advanced technology.

Open Circus is loved for its staged events that present mind-blowing performances that engross viewers of all ages, making them ponder how such acrobatics, dances, mimes, and more are achievable. These life-changing moments that bring joy and mystery are now showcased for all to enjoy virtually.

By collaborating with the Sandbox, Open Circus invites everyone to partake in a thrilling adventure in the Metaverse through three main tents that open extraordinary experiences. It’s time to enter the circus world awed by its wizardry.

🎪 We are delighted to be partnering with Open Circus, an innovative circus experience created by Cirque Madona Bouglione.

Discover the magic and excitement of the circus in the metaverse 🤸 Providing players with unique gameplay experiences!

— The Sandbox (@TheSandboxGame) July 17, 2023

Flourishing Metaverse Brands

Open Circus is not alone in exploring the Metaverse. A hub of iconic artists and brands, including Steve Aoki, Snoop Dogg, Ubisoft, The Walking Dead, Playboy, Warner Music Group, and Paris Hilton, among others, also create their own experiences in The Sandbox hub. 

These artists and brands have successfully utilized Metaverse capabilities, offering exceptional experiences to enhance fandom. From game corporations to virtual concerts, each famous name has discovered new ways to connect with audiences in revolutionary ways. For instance, the Smurfs and The Walking Dead bring users into the Sandbox’s virtual worlds to engross in its familiar environments in tech-savvy ways. 

Beyond that, avatar customization enables users to exhibit their individuality and join forces with other brand fans across the Metaverse while partaking in the digital world. All attendees can also design their creations to build their very own experiences and sell such masterpieces in The Sandbox marketplace. 

So, whether wanting to journey through digitalized spheres of famed favorites or create a world of dreams, The Sandbox opens a digital playground whereby imagination has no end and famous faces can be found.

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