OnlyFans Adds NFT Profile Picture Function

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OnlyFans, the UK-based company which boomed during the pandemic through becoming a medium for creators to sell X-rated content directly to subscribers, is adding the function of NFT profile pictures to its platform. The initiative follows that of Twitter, who in January, launched the support of hexagon-shaped profile pictures for verified NFTs.

As of now, the new addition will only support NFTs minted on Ethereum blockchain, whilst information on whether the adult content platform will assimilate Twitter’s use of OpenSea for verification purposes has not yet been mentioned. In contrast to Twitter’s hexagonal method of indicating authentic ownership, verified OnlyFans NFT profile pictures will instead display an Ethereum icon on them. 

Ami Gan, the newly appointed CEO of the company had this to say on the platform’s delve into NFTs: “Our mission is to empower creators to own their full potential. This feature is the first step in exploring the role that NFTs can play on our platform”.

OnlyFans are certainly not alone in their step into the metaverse, as in addition to Twitter, the social media conglomerate Meta, who own both Facebook and Instagram, have began flirting with the idea of adding NFT functionality to their subsidiaries, whilst information surrounding Reddit’s planned foray into web3 ongoings has also been leaked.

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