OnCyber World Builder Tool to Propel Metaverse Innovators

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Famed for its pioneering, innovative vision, OnCyber is making moves in the Metaverse realm yet again, this time with its most recent release, ‘World Builder’.

The new World Builder tool, aptly called the ‘Studio’, is revolutionizing how Web3 enthusiasts interact with and create inside the digital realm. It offers developers a captivating trio of exploration options alongside a Metaverse template, enabling them to seamlessly build a Metaverse from scratch. 



A revolutionary way to Build a World
from scratch, for free,
directly in your browser pic.twitter.com/Qt64PtxOCs

— ᴏɴᴄʏʙᴇʀ (@oncyber) August 8, 2023

A Journey of Metaverse Art Exploration

The OnCyber World Builder tool introduces a feature that enables GBL files to be imported for curators to craft customized kits. Moreover, when delving into the World Builder tool, creators can explore the depths of three enticing options:

  • Genesis: The first World minted by OnCyber in May 2021, consisting of a kit and World created by the famed NFT project Wolfgang
  • Galaxy: A tool created by talented 3D builder Julien Suard, empowering World Builders to assemble neatly finished functional scenes easily. 
  • Canvas: Designed by the creators of Chalk and Coal, Transparent House designed the feature to create virtual worlds, with black and white art being the focal point, highlighting neutral building blocks and all that surrounds them. 

However, developers seeking a more structured journey into this digital realm will find the ‘Metaverse Templates’ useful for hosting social hangouts, artistic displays and community meetings. 

Nonetheless, the debut of World Builder goes beyond creating digital worlds; it sparks interest in the future of the Metaverse. OnCyber’s partner projects, meebits and Forgotten Ruins, are waiting in the wings of fame — as is the Metaverse dApp Unity and other OnCyber advances. 

As the Metaverse continues to evolve, the OnCyber World Builder tool underscores the endless prospects of creativity, redefining how creators can construct, perceive and interact through blockchain technology. 

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