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Leading Metaverse development company, Oncyber, is breaking ground with its latest feature, in-world portals. This innovative addition allows users to seamlessly hop between different virtual experiences within the Metaverse, creating a more cohesive and seamless experience.

In-world portals act as gateways to other parts of the Metaverse and work across various platforms, including Decentraland, Voxels, Spatial.io, Hyperfy.io, and Monaverse. This can potentially create interoperable experiences, making the Metaverse more accessible and user-friendly.

in-world portals are here 🚪

keep the party going with immersive portals, accessible wherever you are.

just chat a link and walk through with your friends ✨ pic.twitter.com/wNzFdMiP1y

— ᴏɴᴄʏʙᴇʀ (@oncyber) February 21, 2023

Oncyber made the groundbreaking announcement on February 21st, releasing a 27-second video showcasing a new feature that would change the game for the Metaverse. The video shows how users can go to events in different virtual spaces without leaving their home space. They can do this with just one click, giving them a seamless and immersive experience that was not possible before.

With in-world portals, users can effortlessly hop between experiences, creating unforgettable memories and connecting with others no matter which Metaverse they are in. Introducing in-world portals is a significant step towards a more accessible and user-friendly metaverse, enabling users to explore different virtual worlds seamlessly without compatibility issues.

Oncyber Looks to Revolutionize the Virtual World

Oncyber is already a popular virtual universe that allows users to create their own 3D immersive experience directly from their web browser. The platform is accessible to all, even those without a digital wallet. With support for multiple blockchains, Oncyber is ideally suited for the open Metaverse.

The platform also provides an interactive experience, allowing users to integrate interactive content and websites into their virtual worlds with iFrames. Oncyber spaces are used for team meetings, live-streaming events, and art and music creation.

In-world portals can revolutionize how users interact in the virtual world. For example, virtual conference attendees can seamlessly use in-world portals to move between sessions. In contrast, art enthusiasts can use the technology to explore multiple galleries showcasing the exact artist’s work. Overall, in-world portals are a game-changer for the metaverse, providing users with new and exciting ways to explore virtual worlds and connect with others.

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