oncyber Metaverse Hosts a 3600 Concurrent Users – NFT Plazas

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Earlier this week, fans of Web3 were delighted with an unparalleled immersive experience, courtesy of the oncyber Metaverse. The platform pushed the boundaries of what’s achievable on the open immersive web, hosting 3,600 individuals from over 100 countries in a seamless environment, rendered flawlessly on any device, all thanks to oncyber’s high-performance graphics.

According to oncyber, the feat wasn’t possible just a few weeks ago. The biggest challenge the platform faced was blending “multiplayer, diverse worlds, and high-quality visuals while rendering frames quickly for smooth interaction.”


🫂3,600 attendees
🌐105 countries
🎙️27 speakers
💡4 panels
🎨4 art shows
✨1 incredible day

Recap thread with full session recordings & more 🔽 pic.twitter.com/OXcF51PJ2U

— ᴏɴᴄʏʙᴇʀ (@oncyber) April 27, 2023

How oncyber Managed to Optimize its Graphics

The oncyber team found the solution to their problem by optimizing graphics in various categories such as animations, instancing, and atlasing. To improve avatar animations, Samsy, the lead graphics designer at oncyber, recognized that “animation systems use CPU which acts as a bottleneck when dealing with hundreds of avatars.” Consequently, the team had to switch to GPU-based animations. By packing all animation characters into a floating-point texture, they were able to display 1000 VRM characters at 120 fps on high-end computers.

The other main performance issue that the team faced was the need to reduce the number of draw calls, which are individual draw operations. To tackle this challenge, they employed avatar instancing, which involved rendering multiple copies of the same mesh or default avatars in a single draw call. As a result, they were able to reduce the number of draw calls by a whopping 85%. Additionally, the team was able to optimize the rendering of profile pictures by packing multiple images together into a bigger texture. This approach dramatically reduced the number of draw calls needed for most avatar setups, from 400 down to just 13.

The same strategy was used to optimize usernames that appear on top of avatars. This reduced the number of draw calls to just one. “Combining all these optimizations, we can now display 1000 animated VRM characters at 120 fps on high-end computers, and 600 animated VRM characters on medium computers.”

Future Plans

Launched in 2021, oncyber is a Metaverse development platform that allows anyone to create their own 3D, immersive experiences accessible from any browser. Moving forward, the platform intends to launch a world build editor featuring “a suite of easy-to-use tools for real-time lighting, shadowing, terrain editing, scripting, and more with GPT-powered commands on top.” This will allow users to create high-quality, high-performance 3D spaces even if they don’t have any past experience doing so.

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