Old Navy Licenses Bored Ape IP for Grand New T-Shirt Line

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In the latest development of intellectual property mastery, fashion outlet, Old Navy, has hired the services of Bored Ape #7285 by cutting a deal with its owner so it can emblazon the image on a range of BAYC-themed T-shirts.

Through the freshly written accord, Old Navy has launched a T-shirt featuring the melancholy visage of the lacklustre monkey, with the item retailing via its high street outlets, and parent company, Gap’s online store for a cool $19.99. It ranges in size from the miniscule XS all the way up to the goliath XXXXL for the 100% cotton items. Meanwhile, its true owner receives financial compensation for its usage.

Going forward, Old Navy has plans to expand its NFT clothing range with additional blue-chip collectibles coming to the brand. As such, a total of six Bored Apes, 11 Mutant Apes, 1 CryptoPunk and 6 Clone X NFTs will all grace Old Navy’s upcoming clothing.

The move marks a growing trend for NFT owners to milk their assets while maintaining full ownership. Therefore, these NFT mercenaries for hire have become more than just a quirky image sitting in a wallet, meaning that with provable possession owners can earn extra coin. So, put that in your copy and paste pipe and smoke it.

Source: https://nftplazas.com/old-navy-licenses-bored-ape/

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