Oasys Hatches Blockchain Gaming Pets with Bandai Namco

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The talented gaming giant Bandai Namco — famed for being behind iconic franchises like Pac-Man, Soulcalibur, and Tekken — is breaking new ground with Double Jump.Tokyo on the Oasys blockchain. Together, the Web3 powerhouses are awakening blockchain gaming with the launch of the virtual pet adventure ‘RYUZO’.

RYUZO’s digital world swirls around intriguing digital characters, each possessing the limitless hallmark of NFTs and the power of AI. In this second age, the game reimagines its quirky, playable virtual pets — all of which are already rising from the remnants.

🎮 #Oasys will revolutionize #NFTs with OASYX Series 2: RYUZO, an Interactive App on August 2nd!

Our new #Collaboration with Bandai Namco Research & @doublejump_en will see 10,000 “MARYU” evolve into “RYU” #AI Life Forms! 🥚🐉https://t.co/eW7dEcI5SW#NFT#AI#gaming#OASYX

— Oasys | Blockchain for Games (@oasys_games) August 1, 2023

The Genesis of RYUZO’s Season 2

This second series of RYUZO leveled up on August 2. Before the debut, 10,000 NFT digital eggs, best known as MARYU, were distributed among existing holders in the Oasys community. RYU creatures are hatching from these eggs, granting owners Soul-Bound Tokens as an extra perk — making it impossible for other Web3 enthusiasts to get their hands on one. 

Evoking memories of the cherished Tamagotchi virtual pet game, the RYU characters have unique personalities and acquire skills depending on how users interact with them. These critters can be fed, raced, and gain new skills through the aid of AI, making them more advanced than the project’s original inspiration. 

Further setting the game apart is players having the unique opportunity to engender offspring of the assets. Although the game is set to close at the end of the year, fear not: all digital creatures, both old and new, will stay in operation indefinitely. 

Oasis Levels Up Blockchain-Based Gaming

Additionally to this follow-up series, more collaborations including “noteworthy game projects” and NFT releases are set to hit the Oasys blockchain. 

Although Double.Jump Tokyo pitched in to create this edition of RYUZO, the gaming champion is preparing to launch its very own Web3 game, Brave Frontier Heroes, on the blockchain network. 

Moreover, Oasys is garnering attention from other major gaming maestros including Ubisoft, creating a tactical RPG named Champions Tactics: Grimoria Chronicles, and a Virtual Fighter series created by the world famous Sega. 

By blending cutting-edge technology and nostalgia with more diplomatic partnerships and innovations in the pipeline, it’s apparent that Oasys is ready to become the blockchain network at the forefront of the gaming landscape, redefining it as we know it. 

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