nWay Launch Winter Olympics Play-to-Earn NFT Game

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‘nWay,’ a subsidiary of metaverse giant Animoca Brands, recently launched a fully-licensed, play-to-earn NFT game based on the 2022 Winter Olympic Games in Beijing. Ironically, China’s prohibition of cryptocurriences, as well as its complicated laws surrounding NFTs, means that the game will not be available to the Chinese audience. 

The Olympic Games Jam: Beijing 2022,’ which launched on February 3rd, is a multiplayer game where players compete in digital winter sports to earn NFT digital Olympic pins that come in an array of different rarities. To access gameplay, players are required to present tickets which are attached to NFT pins, with each NFT pin having a finite amount of associated tickets. 

Those wishing to embark on their NFT-fueled Olympic journey must either purchase pins via assorted boxes on nWay’s website or secondary marketplace, or alternatively, participate in Free Matches to work their way towards earning pins. Upon achieving access to frost-filled gameplay, users can also kit-out their avatars with a wide array of winter sports clothing. 

Taehoon Kim, CEO of nWay, has since expressed his excitement for the game which gives users the opportunity make their own imprint on the Olympic legacy: “The Olympic Games are the world’s largest sporting celebration. We can’t think of a better genre than party games to get everyone across different gaming skills involved for this global celebration in a massive way. nWay has a track record of creating high-quality multiplayer games, and making Olympic Games Jam: Beijing 2022 a play-to-earn title is going to let gamers and NFT collectors alike to not only engage with the Olympic Games, but also own a piece of Olympic history”.

Despite only acquiring licensing rights in June, nWay managed to develop and launch the app in just over six months. Beyond the closing of the Winter Olympics in late February, the company plan on further developing the platform by continuously releasing new events for users to enjoy.

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Source: https://nftplazas.com/nway-winter-olympics-p2e-nft-game/

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