Nuclear Blast Records Brings a Touch of Metal to The Sandbox – NFT Plazas

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Turn down the lights and turn up the music, Heavy Metal is making a riff-strewn beeline for the Metaverse. Voxel dream-space, The Sandbox, has partnered with the legendary ‘Nuclear Blast records’ to build the ‘Blast Valley’ celebration of all things Metal.

Through the epic collaboration, the mighty duo will create a haven for Heavy Metal lovers in The Sandbox. Essentially, piecing together a virtual venue for fans to explore, play games, and complete challenges. In addition to acting as a groundbreaking new location for bands to ply their trade within the Web3 realm.

Upon launch, fans will be met with a series of Heavy Metal themed quests, all set around an imposing erupting volcano. In addition to tackling a relentless scourge of voxel demons and testing their knowledge with hard-rock based trivia.

Nuclear Blast Records Makes a Welcome Addition to the Sandbox

Formed way back in 1987, Nuclear Blast Records sits at the forefront of the Metal scene, having nurtured some of the biggest names in the industry. As such, the audio firm boasts the likes of Anthrax, Biohazard, Carcass, and industrial powerhouse, Ministry on its roster of incredible bands.

Now, as it looks to innovate into the Web3 space, fans will have an all-new way to engage with their favorite artists, and get ‘Metal Thrashing Mad’ in the Metaverse.

“Heavy metal belongs in our platform and provides the opportunity for tremendous creative expression, resulting in an immersive world unlike any other. We’re tremendously excited to make The Sandbox the home of the genre in the metaverse, and look forward to participating in the novel experiences that will launch in Blast Valley.” – Sebastian Borget – The Sandbox Co-Founder

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