NTR1-META: The Three-in-One NFT Sneaker Collection

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Swappable, an NFT interface for high-profile NFT drops and Another1, a one-stop-shop for hype fashion goods have combined forces with 23 industry leaders to create the world’s first Italian ‘phygital’ sneakers, launching a crypto sneaker NFT collection dubbed ‘NTR1-META’.

The collection will be the first ‘phygital’ (physical and digital morphed) sneaker collection, where holders of the NFTs will be able to flaunt them as digital wearables in Decentraland, trade them on Swappable and other marketplaces, or wear the sneakers in real life upon burning the NFT.

The NTR1-Meta Sneakers Mint

Minting for NTR1-META sneakers commences on February 24th at 13:00 UTC with the price of each NFT to be released nearer to the date. The pre-sale will begin 24 hours before. There will also be a special event held in the TrustSwap building in Decentraland on February 22nd at 13:00 UTC.

The collection, which will feature 5,000 units in total, will be launched as NFT collectibles on the Swappable marketplace on the Polygon blockchain, and will be available for purchase via ETH or fiat.

Hype fashion fans can also enter several NFT Sneaker Giveaways ahead of the release date, which Swappable is going to host on their Twitter page. The giveaway calls on passionate sneaker-heads to invite their friends to the Swappable Discord, with the top three inviters winning free pairs of NTR1-Meta sneakers (which will be available on mint day), and the top 25 of all inviters getting a spot in the project’s whitelist.

In addition, Instagram users can jump aboard the Meta Sneaker Movement and try out the funky chameleon filters for IG as well as share it with their friends using the hashtags listed on the website.

The NTR1-META Sneakers Collection

Inspired by the morphing and ever-dynamic abilities of chameleons, the ‘phygital’ sneakers will come in 35 different color variations and each owner will have complete discretion over the colors they wish to sport whether online or in person.

Upon purchase, NFT holders will have the rights to order the physical pairs in gamified windows of redemption, where if opting to do so, holders will have their NFT burned. The physical sneakers are the product of diligent crafting by the prominent Italian fashion designer, Lucio Vanotti. Alternatively, owners can use their NTR1-META Sneaker NFT as a digital wearable within the Decentraland metaverse. To wear digital or physical, the choice will be up to you.

Holders will also be able to put the concept of ‘brick flipping’ into digital practice, as they will have the ability to trade their NFT. Fortunately, users can purchase up to 10 NTR1-META Sneaker NFTs, meaning there’s ample room to do all three.

To get involved with the drop, join the Swappable community in Discord for updates, competitions and sneaker talk.

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About Another-1

AN1 is a one-stop shop to design, produce, crowdfund, and trade hype fashion units that can be both digitally and physically manifested. The unique platform features cutting-edge technology like the Initial Shoe Offering (ISO) module, which, with AN1’s first-class expertise in design and manufacturing, can create a marketplace for anyone to pitch, crowdfund, manufacture and distribute their own sneaker.

The ISO also allows up-and-coming designers and brands to build collections and connect with sneaker and crypto communities, where they can further work with world-famous manufacturing partners to achieve the ‘phygital’ vision.

About Swappable

Swappable is an NFT platform owned by TrustSwap, a multifaceted crypto ecosystem that covers every aspect of the decentralized finance space. TrustSwap boasts more than $4.5 billion total value locked and over 13,000 projects using their services.

In the last year, Swappable has facilitated auctions by several high-profile artists and celebrities. TrustSwap also has an industry-leading launchpad for new projects; enterprise escrow solutions, one of the most famous liquidity-locking solutions, Team Finance; competitive farming tools; and the world class “The Crypto App” app with 4 million-plus downloads.

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