Norway Announces Exciting New Tax Office in Decentraland

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The fabled land of Norway has unveiled its latest grand plan to ‘get down with the kids’. A scheme that will essentially see it establish its own tax office in Decentraland. Yep, you read that right.

Continuing in its wider goal of embracing the crypto sphere, Norway will engage with the latest cutting-edge technology. As a result, trying to tune in with the mindset of tech-savvy youngsters in the hip new world of the Metaverse, resulting in what could become the most mis-used venue in the virtual space.

Through the initiative, Norway has partnered with global consultancy group, Ernst & Young, joining forces in a hope to educate the masses on the tax implications of DeFi and NFTs. It will provide a virtual hub with a trove of tax-related info, and potentially bring a gaming element to the whole experience.

It’s not the first time a government has sought to engage with the Metaverse-native generation. Last year the tiny nation of Barbados announced it would establish an embassy in Decentraland. However, a full year has now passed and the venue remains notable for its absence.

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